Monday, June 17, 2013

Cargo Drop at Freeform Festival

Freeform Festival was this weekend, and we debuted Cargo Drop!  It seemed like people really responded to the project and enjoyed it.  People played with the parachute, and liked the interior of the box.  Some people walked right by, but I think it really rewarded the curious participants.  Here's a video, and some pictures!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moab box finished!

The construction of the little sister box has been complete and awaits airlift from Moab, UT.  Destination: somewhere, playaville.  The 2'x2'x2', 3 hatch, batter powered, doorbell activated, mystery box has been finished and electrified.

The total cost was $150 with generous donations of reused wood, thrift store credit and borrowed tools (realistic cost if no one in the world shared would be closer to $300).  Upon arrival to Burning Man it will just need a little dusting, some last minute repatching and an attachment of a parachute and rebar.  Other then that the box is ready to go and could be as easy to setup as connecting the battery and locking the top hatch. 

All LEDs were wired on a massive parallel circuit stretching around all sides of the box with a doorbell button to activate the circuit.  The doorbell allows users to turn on all the interior lights and when released the circuit is automatically broken and power saved.  The original idea of buttons under each flap, activating individual circuits proved to be too fragile after tests at Building Man in Green River Utah.  I'm especially excited with the newest LED addition of rainbow color changing & flashing LEDs. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Last work Weekend until Freeform Festival - Saturday

This is the last weekend that I have to work on the Cargo Drop project before Freeform Festival.  Tim ran into some trouble with his bus and couldn't make it down today.  I build the remaining three walls with the puppet mounts and got started on the roof.  I also cut out some swinging doors in the walls.  Lana cut some fabric to cover the inside walls and the back of the doors so that people won't get splinters on the door.  Tomorrow I want to finish the roof, install eyehooks for the parachute, and start working on the interior decorations.    Here's some a video and some pictures.